These are the positions and the cards, and how they were drawn today. I used my new Crystal Visions Tarot


CARD OF THE DAY. – Knight of Wands

HOBBIES & TALENTS – Five of Cups

ADVICE. – The Magician

I decided to start my learning by drawing a card of the day and what it may mean by including my hobbies and talents . By drawing the Knight of wands I believe it meant I would be going on a journey of discovery of my creative exploits. As I drew the card later in the day. The card had shown that I had been reading and preparing to do my first excerpt in my blog. Pretty accurate . I would say. So on drawing the Five of cups as my talent and hobbies , I presumed that the card stated that I had been restless and had a feeling of loss. That I wasn’t really realising my full potential. And that I should not think of the things I could not achieve , but to realise the actual things I can do. This card has definitely resonated with me , as I have been feeling particularly useless because of my disability and haven’t been able to focus on what is possible.

I was going to leave the spread as a two card spread, but I felt I needed to draw a third card. To advise me of how to achieve my desired outcome . That is when I drew the Magician. Which I believe is telling me to carry on with my creative projects. As I am the master of my own fate and to focus my attention to realise my potential . That I am to communicate , to set my own pace and maybe I can inspire others.

I am really pleased with the three cards I have drawn today. As I believe they have given me an insight into where I am going, and in the direction I am taking.


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