I’ve loved over the years looking at photos, taking photos. I’ve had many different cameras. Then about nine years ago I got the most terrible tremors down my right side, affecting my hand, arm, & leg. Later I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I already in my late twenties had been diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease, which is a neurological condition. I’ve also suffered with chronic pain since my late twenties too.

When I got these bad tremors I had to stop taking photos, I had to ask my husband or my daughter to take pictures for me. I was devastated, my body had now taken something else away from me that I loved to do. My husband said he would sort it, he would find me a camera that I could use, then just over a couple of years ago I started getting tremors on my other side too. I had no rest from them at all.

My husband found me the Panasonic Gf6. It’s got wifi, and it has a remote shoot facility on it. It’s amazing. We have also over a couple of years purchased a couple of second hand lenses, we got a macro lens & a telephoto lens which we share as my husband has a Panasonic camera too.

I have certain moments during the day when my tremors are less, when my medication is working. So when I can, I have just enough time, to get out in my garden to take some photos. If I wish, I can also use a tripod and remote shoot from my iPhone or iPad. So it’s a win win situation. I shall be featuring some of my photos on my blog. Hope you like them. Thankyou Panasonic for my lovely camera. I’d like to also say, how this has become like a kind of therapy for me.
Written by Shelley Edwards (c)


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